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I find this highly hypocritical and slightly ironic that the LGBT community appears to worship the ground that straight-acting and predominately white gay males walk on. Being "straight-acting," for a gay man at least, is directly related to how...

And how a gay guy behaves, especially if he acts effeminate may not please other gay guys, because it enforces the stereotype of what straight people think we are all like.

Now, although every muscle worshipping gay man doesn't necessarily want to be "straight-acting" behaviour-wise, the acceleration of both phenomena simultaneously suggests an overall trend towards archaic ideals of masculinity in gay male spaces.

So, the "gayest-acting" guys in the locker room are the straight ones? Got it, though we'd wager that anyone walking around the locker room with a semi is looking for something. Straight males-most insecure creatures on this and every planet in the galaxy.

For many gay men, having a close straight male friend is akin to capturing the holy grail. If you go on any gay male dating/sex site, you'll see a large percentage of men who are looking for "straight acting guys only."

2. The gay male equivalent of the lipstick lesbian. As a social phenomenon, the "straight acting" homosexual breaks from gay stereotypes in a way comparable to the metrosexual's defiance of straight stereotypes.

In gay culture, the drive to escape these negative self-images manifests by looking for—and often striving to become—a "straight acting" male. In any quick survey, you can find gay male personal ads looking for "straight acting" guys, specifying "masculine, no fems."
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