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THE GAY NO MORE TELETHON: THE APOLOGY, featuring book & lyrics by Michael DiGaetano, music by Albin E. Konopka & Michael DiGaetano, and direction by Michael DiGaetano, runs as part of MITF: Summer 2017, playing July 15 - Aug 6, 2017 at The WorkShop Theater, 312 W.36th Street, NYC.

DiGaetano: For the Gay No More Telethon: The Apology, it's a concert presentation at 54 Below and then an off-broadway run at a place like St. Lukes or The Player's Theatre. After that, I could see the show doing well in other cities, especially LA, San Francisco and London.

But the film is about so much more than gay men becoming straight. It's about identity, why we label one another, why people want to be a part of a group, and the power of belief."

Remix of the Viral "I'm Not Gay No More" video Produced by:Maurice Spears/Twitter @MauriceSpears Instrumental...

'I'm Not Gay No More'. By Craig Stewart. I think it's sad. And I don't blame him, because it's not his fault. It's the delusion, deception and power of the church (man). Many gay men have tried to pray the gay away, just not publicly.

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Gabriel Mary "Gay" Byrne (born 5 August 1934; affectionately known as Uncle Gay, Gaybo or Uncle Gaybo) is an Irish presenter and host of radio and television. His most notable role was first host of The Late Late Show over a 37-year period spanning 1962 until 1999.

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